Guess who just got demoted?

Guess who just got demoted?

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Did I just throw a demotion party? Hell yes! I absolutely did! I just got demoted from my job. From the same job where I’m the CEO? Yes, it’s true! If I’m the CEO then who decided to demote me? I did that too. Did I really demote my position at my own company? That’s certainly true! I’ve gone from being the CEO of CMOF Global to taking up the role of the Manager now! Sounds funny, right? This isn’t really a joke, but you can laugh all you want! Sometimes, self-demotion is necessary to resolve all pertaining issues and set things straight. The decision to demote my position was taken in order to ensure the successful execution of all further tasks. 

So, the brand- NEW Manager of CMOF Global is . . .  Srinivas Sarakadam! I have succeeded in ensuring that CMOF Global carves its position in the world of fashion, but to ensure that we reach greater heights, I shall be undergoing a reduction in my work level. 

Since I’ll be taking charge as the Manager, I hope to reinforce and establish the brand on a much larger scale! I plan on reinitiating the strategy of CMOF Global, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a successful future for the brand.

Anyway, just letting you guys know that our Ex-Manager is no longer a part of our team. He has started his own modelling agency that is in no way associated with CMOF Global. 

Undertaking this new role as the Manager of CMOF Global, I will ensure a brilliant outcome for all our future endeavours.

Here’s to a brighter future for CMOF Global!

Wish me luck, guys!

As the Manager, you will be seeing more of me than ever before! Hoping to see you around!

Always here to help you out! Let’s keep in touch!

P.S. The demotion party was super fun! We had a hell of a time celebrating and now we’re all pumped to start things in the right direction!



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