More About FAME Program

We don’t believe in chasing opportunities, we believe in flourishing your aura so that opportunities itself knock your door.

Fame Program which was officially launched on 10th October 2018 is entitled to launch its first batch on 17th of December in the city of Hyderabad where it will groom the participants to be cinema ready within duration of 4 months. It basically consists of three verticals – Training, Cinematic Projection and Digital Marketing Promotion.

It is all about giving a quick launch to your career in film industry. Its six dimension career prospects i.e. feature films, brand ambassador, fashion shows, viral videos, TV serials and short films will give the necessary experience that you require to be a promising star of cinema world.

  • In this cut throat competitive world only your talent can drive you to the top level.
  • We nurture your talent at each step and work equally hard with you so that you can achieve your goal.
  • Film industry works on the concept of sheer passion and talent and nothing else.

Pre- Requisites

  • A Promising Face with a Pleasant Persona
  • Age : 18 – 25
  • A Strong Zeal to pursue career in movies
  • Invest 4 months time with us for profile building
  • Positive Attitude
  • Support and backing from Family


Career Prospects/ Propositions
  • Photo shoot – 6
  • Fashion Shows – 2
  • Teasers – 3
  • Viral videos – 2
  • Short Films – 2
  • Movie chance – 1
  • Brand Ambassador for Reputed Company
Training sessions
  • Acting sessions – 15
  • Fashion Choreography Sessions – 10
  • Styling Sessions – 5 (with a designated designer)
  • Body Language Sessions – 5
  • Fitness Sessions – 5
  • Make-Up Sessions – 5
  • Dancing Sessions – 5
  • Anchoring Sessions – 5
  • Soft Skill Sessions - 10
Digital Marketing
  • Profile building on Facebook
  • Profile building on Instagram
  • Profile Building on YouTube
  • High End Digital Marketing Promotion
  • Personal Website

A Venture by Three Companies

A new perspective for a new revolution
Hyderabad Events

An Event organising company that adheres to its commitment of delivering the best.

CMOF Global

Cinema, Modelling and Fashion Opportunities bestowed dreams of many into reality.


A revolutionary name in Digital Marketing Industry, calibrated top brands to another level.


As You Trust So You Accomplish...

Inviting Aspiring Actresses from all over India

An incredible concept for an incredible Career.

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Why Choose Us?

Fame programme is one of its kind unique concepts which unleashes you into the world of cinema be it Tollywood or Bollywood. This programme opens for you a wide range of opportunities from being groomed by the experts to fantastic photo shoot to being a YouTube sensation through short films and viral videos.

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