Diploma in Acting

Become a professional actor and acquire expert acting training skills with the Diploma in Acting. Taught by leading film industry experts, this course nurtures your creativity, polishes your skill and transforms you into a professional actor. Learn unique acting styles and techniques while upgrading your talent and securing a prominent acting opportunity.

Course Overview

  • Essential performance techniques and styles
  • History of film & acting, overcoming stage fright, complexes and inhibition, character development
  • Silent acting, voice culture, recitation, patterns of speech, observations, improvisation, and text analysis on live sets.
  • Mastering rhythm, body language, and audition techniques
  • Theory of Acting
  • Stage Acting on Various Short sequences
  • Acting Practice on a short sequence
  • Improvisation
  • Acting Practice on various short sequences
  • Dubbing Practice
  • Acting Practice on short sequences
  • Improvisation - Creating a role
  • Rehearsal for Diploma Film
  • Acting in Diploma Film Exercises
  • Script Reading

Authorized Certification

100% Guaranteed Acting Opportunity

Duration: 6 Months

Course Fee: Rs. 60,000

Seat Confirmation Fee Rs. 10,000/-

The remaining amount can be paid in 2 instalments.

Date : 25th April, 2022

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