Team CMOF Global

CMOF Global consists of a team of fashion and film professionals who specialize in transforming freshers into professionals. The complete strategy is defined by Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam, an SEO Expert in India. Thanks to his marketing initiatives, CMOF Global has successfully transformed 3500 aspiring individuals into accomplished models and actors.

Our dedicated team members, Director Mr. Yugandhar, Manager Kavya, Photographer Sreenu Reddy, BD Manager Sravnathi, Makeup artist Namratha, and Admin Peddareddy, are committed to transforming amateur aspirants into professional models and actors. The team includes fashion designers, fashion co-ordinators, cinematographers, hair stylists, fashion photographers, model co-ordinators, makeup specialists, soft skills specialists, fashion show experts, and other professionals. These individuals work tirelessly to help aspirants realize their dreams.

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