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Experience unparalleled joy at the Indian Fashion and Film Festival.

The most delighting festival has arrived! The Indian Fashion and Film festival will be conducted on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of December at Shilpakala Vedika, Hitech City, Hyderabad. It brings forth participants from across the country and provides them with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in front of fashion and film experts. The festival comprises of Miss and Mr Urban India 2019, Kids National Fashion Contest 2019, Mrs Urban India 2019, Story Pitches by Upcoming Directors, Workshops, Movie auditions and the Fashion Magazine Launch. This extravagant event is the best opportunity to display and advertise your business or brand.

Stalls to be set up include 25 fashion stalls, 10 movie stalls, 5 food stalls and various others. The Kids Entertainment Zone is the centre of attraction for all the kids. Sixteen different workshops will be organized at the event with the opportunity to learn different skills. 

Day 1

Story Pitches by Upcoming Directors 

This is a golden opportunity for upcoming directors to display their work in front of producers and production houses. These story pitches will be done by participants who have submitted a short film or video teasers of 2 to 3 minutes. They are provided with an opportunity to showcase their work and pitch their stories at this event. These directors stand a chance to be amongst the movies that will be finalized at this event.

Fashion Magazine Launch

Various aspects of fashion and filming will be portrayed at the launch of The Fashion Magazine. It is a major event for all fashion and film aspirants to look forward to. This event will be attended by established actors, models and other professionals of the industry.


Fashion and styling workshops will be held.

Day 2

Miss and Mr Urban India 2019

It brings forward 120 models who have been trained and finessed by professionals, ready to set out into fashion and films. These participants have qualified four previous rounds that were held in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. The most outstanding participants will be crowned at this event. 


Makeup and Makeover workshops will be held.

Day 3

Kids National Fashion Festival 2019 

It provides an opportunity for enthusiastic kids to flaunt their talent. It is an opportunity for kids to recognize their talent at a young age. These participants have qualified three previous rounds and the best will be participating in this event. Impressive participants will be crowned. 

Mrs Urban India 2019 

It is the best way for married women to display their talents and fulfil their dreams. These participants have qualified two previous rounds and were then selected for the final event. The most exceptional participants will be crowned at this event. 


Ramp walk techniques and soft skills workshop will be conducted.

Day 4

Movie Auditions

Aspiring actors have the opportunity of auditioning at the festival. These actors have the opportunity of displaying their talents in front of established directors and producers. These actors stand a chance to star in the movies that will be finalised at this event.

Awards Ceremony

An award ceremony will be conducted on the day of the final event where winners and honourable members will be felicitated. Apart from this, the brand-new website of CMOF Global will be launched on the final day. This website will bring forward unique opportunities for aspiring models and actors, making their career path in fashion and films relatively easy. 


Photography and directing workshops will be held simultaneously.

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