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I come from marwari background i' m northindian but born and brought up in hyderabad. I'm career oriented girl meanwhile with studies i was into event management's worked as junior choreographer for 7yrs and by passion I'm a dancer and my base is Bollywood and got trained in kuchipudi, contemproray and had done many stage shows and theatre as well right from my childhood I'm much into dancing and acting and has received award from bhandaru dattareya garu and Bollywood actor raveena tandon and performed at LB stadium for cancer awareness and I'm glad to say that my parents stood with me in what I want to achieve. Modelling was not passion but I happened to be via instagram people started approaching for modelling i was not confident because I'm not as tall as a model need to be just because of my height i felt bad that I could not try for modelling but once I got the opportunity now I'm here trying career in modelling field as well. CMOF is the platform where they don't have any special criteria for height they are not looking for height they are looking for talent . INTERESTS: ACTING, MODELLING, SINGING ADVENTURES BRIEFING / BELIEVES:           As uncertainty is certain... I have immense will power which makes me believe in changing the whole world...And one should patience as it's a saying patience is the key of persistence and I do believe in this.  Beauty is who you are and being yourself, beauty is not about make-up it's about your inner reflection.. The way u see.. the way u believe.. U r your own beauty..  your confidence and  believe in yourself

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