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Miss Visakhapatnam 2015. Top 18 Miss Andhra Pradesh 2016. Miss Beautiful Skin 2016 in Miss AP Contest . I have walked for Max Fashion icon. Top 4 in Visakhapatnam. Did a web series Raja -Rani. Did a few short films. Worked with designers in Visakhapatnam for traditional and western shoots. Did Anchoring for 3 years in Visakhapatnam for all the car and bike launches. Did paid shoots for Agrawal photos in Visakhapatnam. I am a dancer,did flash mobs. Performed for shows in Visakhapatnam. I am a painter as well, painting published in nwes papers. Worked for NPO's and NGO 's. Worked for alloy group for marketing. Worked for Voice 4  Girls as a counsellor, went to remote areas to teach the adolescent girls about hygiene. Always been a sports person. Interested in sports. Reader, Mostly into self help books or motivational books INTERESTS:        Modelling, Anchoring, Acting, motivational speaker,       Painter, dancer, Sports person,Reading. BRIEFING / BELIEVES:.. I work to become not to acquire. I am a believer of universe and law of attraction. I believe that you thoughts are reflections of our future. Positive thinking and spreading positive vibes is my moto. There's a saying ''If you want to shine like the sun first burn like the sun''.I believe in hardwork. I am lady with multiple traits. My journey started from when I understood what I was made for. I am here to make a difference. I started painting from a very young age and won a lot of awards ever since after that my first Achievement was Miss Visakhapatnam 2015 followed by Top 10 Miss AndhraPradesh and Miss Beautiful Skin. Before I could even realise I became a Model. A lot of contracts came my way for modeling and anchoring so I became an anchor as well. While still in college I always wanted to help society so I joined NPO's and NGO's. I am a very satisfied soul. The traits that seperate me from others, I am stubborn, once I have my mind on something, I achieve it no matter what.  Jack of all traits and master of all '' this is my version of it because If I start anything I have to master it. I learn it and add it to my skills. I've been working from a very young age and I am the bread earner of my family, I consistently strive to be better and I am very committed towards everything I do.

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